Adopting a Race Strategy

With race season upon us, I wanted to share my thoughts on race strategies. This only really applies to runners who are targeting a specific time for your chosen race. Once you’ve selected a goal race it’s time to consider your target time. This will primarily be determined by your training in the build up […]

Follow a Pacer

You will often find the bigger races will provide official pacers across a variety of times. Following one of these kind, selfless individuals can come with many benefits. Running with a group during a race can be a nice distraction and help you keep those negative thoughts away. If it’s a windy day, then tuck […]

Pace Yourself in Races

One of the worst experiences of running is bonking in a race. This is where you simply run out of energy to maintain your goal pace and running suddenly feels incredibly hard. You start getting over taken by runners dressed as Big Bird or that person who decided running in a full tracksuit in the […]