Rest Days are Training Days

The importance of rest days in your training plan cannot be emphasised enough. This is where our body has the chance to not only recover but adapt and ensure we are stronger for our next training session. After we complete a tough session or run, microscopic tears will appear in our muscle fibres. It’s only […]

Listen to Your Body

It’s important as runners to listen to our bodies. If part of our body is in pain then it’s telling us something is wrong. Determining the level of discomfort is important as it might just be a niggle that you can run through. However if the pain is really giving you problems then you need […]

Seek advice on injuries

Injuries can be a runners worst nightmare and at times it’s difficult to know exactly the extent of the problem. Often we can run through niggles and the pain will simply disperse on it’s own. However if the injury is more serious then sometimes getting a correct diagnosis can save you time in the long […]

Get Enough Sleep

Rest & recovery is a key part to becoming a better runner and sleep plays a huge role in this. If you are working to a training plan, why not look to introduce a sleep routine as well. Create a night time routine that will help you fall asleep better. There is loads of information […]

Post Run Stretching

Another bug bear of mine. Runners who put their muscles, tendons and ligaments through a lot of stress and then ignore that fact by toddling off home without stretching. 5 minutes is enough folks and it will reduce the risk of injury. So what exactly does stretching do? It helps reduce the tension in your […]