Warming Up

Hands up who didn’t manage a 10 minute warm up at efforts yesterday? 🙄 I get it, sometimes I’m a bit of a nag insisting my runners do jog for 10 minutes before an efforts session or a race, but it’s for a good reason. Such is the importance of a good warm up for […]

Vary the Pace of Your Running

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of runners make is that they run at the same pace every time they step out of the door. The majority of the time that pace will actually be too fast. The introduction of training plans to my running saw my enjoyment go through the roof and […]

Training to Effort Level

Have you stumbled on the acronym RPE? I didn’t think so. Well it stands for Rate of Perceived Exertion. Still none the wiser? Let me explain. The majority of my training and nearly all of the sessions I allocate to my runners will be based on RPE! Here’s an example why. On a calm spring […]

Slower doesn’t always mean Easier

You hear it all the time, a lot of the time from me, slow down on your easy runs. One of the biggest mistakes I see runners make is running too hard, too often.  Click here to read a previous post on the benefits of easy running. One powerful tool I’ve learned in recent months […]

Keep Your Easy Runs Easy

I think this discover is what ultimately led to my love for running. If you’re part of the #runnersofinstagram community then you won’t need to scroll far down your feed to find this advice. We are constantly reminded and rightfully so, to keep our easy runs easy. Not only that, but the majority of our […]

Consistent Training

One of things you’ll notice with some of the better runners in your club or town is how consistent they are from one week to the next. This is a very important part of any training plan. Turning up for that track session each week, making sure you complete your long run and maintaining a […]